Roofing Services

Reroofing is roof removal and replacement; by removing all layers of old roofing to expose the roof substrate which exposes defects such as dry rot, improperly nailed sheathing, sheathing damage or de-lamination, flashing defects that may be necessary to repair or replace prior to new roof installation. Timely roof replacement may be one of the most important home or building maintenance as it protects from all weather damages; sun, rain, wind, snow Having a structurally sound roof protects the inside of your home from potential damages. Proper attic venting is a must to assure shingle longevity. We can offer Sacramento and its surrounding areas the CertainTeed Solaris Energy Saving and Energy Star rated roof shingles to provide a Title 24 compliant cool roof system.

Reroofing is the perfect time to replace old rain gutters, replacement options include; installation of E-Z lock gutter screen panels, pre-painted seamless, standard galvanized unpainted in sizes ranging from 7 1/2″ fascia, 5 1/2″ fascia, OG type, 6″ OG, and K-Guard Leaf Free. T and T Roofing will provide you with a free re-roof estimate at your home in Sacramento & surrounding areas.

T and T Roofing provide roof repair services in Sacramento and its surrounding areas:

We take care of leak repairs on all types of roofs, vent and flashing repairs, varmint damage

Shake roof repairs & shake roof maintenance we will walk the entire roof to locate missing and/or split shakes exposing tar paper. Other repairs/ maintenance such as re-nailing loose shingles, shakes and hip & ridge, covering exposed tar paper, repairing cracked and split shakes. Repair tar paper and replace missing shakes and hip & ridge using cedar shingle shims to cover exposed tar paper.

Composition roof repairs such as roof leaks, replacing wind damaged shingles or deteriorated shingles.

Tile roof repairs; rake tiles, tile, hip & ridge, cracked roofing tiles, and replacing missing rake tiles. Valley cleanouts are important to prevent leaks and potential dry rotting. Loose rake tiles can fall and cause personal injury or property damage, loose tiles should be refastened right away.

Flat roof repairs and maintenance might require repair & re-coating.

All roof leaks should be repaired as soon as possible to prevent dry rot damage such as rotted rafters, fascia and sheathing to prevent the spread of dry rot, water damage and mold to ceiling, overhangs and even equipment and personal belongings stored in attics and garage rafters.

Rain gutters protect water damage from occurring on rafter tails, including water intrusion from under footings and foundations. Rain gutters also protect fascia boards, walls, and prevents soil erosion in landscaping. They work by diverting excess rain water from over doorways, windows and entrances to downspouts. Rain gutters should be placed on all eave edges or over all entries as a minimum. Gutter cleaning should be performed as needed or on an annual basis as a minimum to prevent clogged gutters and downspouts to assure free flowing drainage away from house. In some cases gutter screen material may be beneficial to prevent frequent gutter cleaning. Trees should be kept trimmed from over roof top to prevent fallen leaves and debris from clogging rain gutters and downspouts. Pigeon waste should also be cleaned from rooftop around vents and flashings and rain gutters to prevent roof leaks and clogging of gutters. Gutter maintenance might include re-sealing joints and end caps to prevent leakage and downspout repair or replacement might become necessary to prevent water leaking upon walls or siding.

Common roof problems

Shakes felt exposure is the #1 problem for shake roofs; exposed felt not repaired will cause roof leaks. How does felt get exposed? With age your roof can get cracked and split shakes, missing, loose shakes, missing and loose hip & ridge all of which expose the tar paper. The sun will burnout the tar paper which deteriorates it and expose attic and overhang to weather causing roof leaks.

Tile cracked or loose tiles that expose tar paper which leads to roof leaks, dry rotting. Debris builds up in valleys caused from leaves, moss, and pigeon waste droppings create roof leaks.

Composition Shingle deteriorated shingles due to age, wind damage

Improper installation of any type of roofing needs correction.

What to Expect

What to expect during your roof estimate:

If possible we should arrange to meet with you, the homeowner or a representative, to discuss roof problems & options of repairs or reroofing. We possibly need to have access to the backyard, any dogs must be secured. In most cases we need access inside the home to locate and measure for vaulted/cathedral ceilings this is to make calculations for Title 24 cool roof requirements. Providing us this access allows us the most accurate measurements in providing you with the most cost effective quote. We appreciate your cooperation.

What to expect during a reroof:

We need cars removed from garage and driveways prior to any roof work. Any belongings & equipment are to be covered by you in garage and attic spaces prior to any roofing work. We will need access to electrical power & rear yard. Dogs are to be secured at all times for duration of roofing project. We would like to post a sign in your yard while we install your new roof.